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3d basecamp


School of Motion Coursework



This work was done in School of Motion's Cinema 4d Basecamp. They started us off with some modelling techniques, then we moved on to lighting, animation and camera moves and compositing. Below is a selection of my favourite work from the course

After going through lighting, materials and modelling we moved on to animation. In the first animation below (Qbert) we were provided all the models but animated, lit and added materials ourselves to the scene. In the second one (the little flying dude) they also provided us with a character but I changed my character and added in one of my own designs instead, The islands in this animation was modeled by SOM.

By the end of the course our final assignment was to create a 15 second animation about camping. We were provided with a rough storyboard and a VO. I wanted use very minimal amount of colours in mine, as you can see below. 

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