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Advanced Motion Methods


School of Motion Coursework



A selection of work from School of Motion's Advanced Motion Methods Course. My favorite piece was the final assignment which had styleframes originally created by Sarah Beth Morgan that I decided to recreate in 3d. It was fully created in Cinema 4d and rendered with Arnold.

In the first week we had created boardamatics for this piece, but after a weeks of learning more about complex transitions I scrapped what I had created and started from scratch again. This was my second favorite piece during this class. This one also focused on complex animations, as well as breaking down very detailed styleframes, and how to approach them.


Styleframes created by Laura Alejo

A piece meant to serve as an intro for Blendfest motion design conference set in the future 3015. The main focus here was to design more complex transitions between each scene. I used a mixture of 2d and 3d in this assignment.


Styleframes created by Lucas Brooking and Gareth O'Brien

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