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C4d Ascent


School of Motion coursework



in 2021 I took part in the intermediate School of Motion course "C4d Ascent" aimed at teaching student more about C4d and especially Redshift. Below is a selection of my favourite work from the course.

This was our first assignment, we were given the bottle but everything else was modelled, lit and textured by myself. 

This assignment already had the animation created, our job was to texture and model everything in the scene using redshift. 

This assignment already had the animation and colour in it, the brief was to explore vertex maps.

This assignment already had the animation and models in it. The brief was to add 2d animations provided to us) into the 3d world and light and texture the scene.

This was a rigging assignment. We were given the characters designed by Ricard Badia. I rigged , lit, textured an animated them and then cut up a soundtrack that I thought suited.

This was probably my favourite assignment! In this one we were given the outlines for the SOM logo but everything else was created by myself here. The brief was to explore soft bodies. I put together a track I thought fitted the animation well to make it complete.

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